Rad atmosphere if you dig heavy metal music and decor. Family-owned and operated since 1895, it’s also one of the oldest family-run businesses in the USA. Garnishes are simple but tasty, with cheese, onion and tomato on the menu. Choice of: with chicken breast strips, with duck breast or with grilled scampi. It's hard to narrow down the best burger on the menu at Chicago's Kuma's Corner, but one that stands out among the 16 choices is The Lair of the Minotaur (the gourmet burger bar names all of the items on the menu after heavy metal bands). Grill 'Em All, Death to False Burgers!. 100 % black Angus chuck, 80/29 meat-to-fat ratio & Utensils department at Lowe's.com out the juices 's to. Got problems burger pop-up and catering service making USDA Prime, fresh-ground cheeseburgers in and around Los Angeles with and! The original founders and owners, Keith J. Kramer and his wife’s uncle Matthew Burns, opened their first stores around … 5 Star Burgers is now offering outdoor patio seating or order for takeout, curbside pick-up or delivery. The must-order here is the signature Worthy Burger – a classic combination of a grass-feed beef patty, Cheddar, red onion, lettuce and their secret sauce. Hidden on an upscale American, French, and Mediterranean menu in the affluent Washington, D.C. suburb of Falls Church, Virginia, is the available-at-lunch-only All American burger at 2941 Restaurant, which makes the metro ride from downtown worth the trip.This is a straightforward beef burger topped with lettuce, melted Cheddar, onion, and tomato on an olive oil bun. Pick your patty (with options like beef, chicken, bison, wild crab and Vegan Veggie) and a bun (including brioche, pretzel and a lettuce wrap) then pick different rubs, cheeses, sauce and toppings. The place offers a comprehensive list of fresh grass-fed beef burgers with inventive topping combinations, which all come with fresh-cut fries, salad or kettle chips. Poutine (/ p uː ˈ t iː n / poo-TEEN, Quebec French: ()) is a dish of french At New Orleans’ two upmarket The Company Burger restaurants, it's hard to go wrong with any of the burgers on offer, from their signature bun with two thin patties, pickles, red onion and American cheese to the falafel burger with lemon mayo. While there are staples like the American Classic with a Black Angus beef patty, American cheese, crispy bacon, tomato and onion on a sesame bun, it's the Parisian Lamb that comes highly recommended by guests. Go for a double or triple-stacked burger, with the option of having it grilled in mustard and served with ketchup, American cheese, onion jam, lettuce and house-made pickles. Posters of metal bands, graffiti on the walls and the whole place smelling of bacon! Others agree, recommending the cheeseburger and the chocolate milkshakes. At Big Al's, the 60/40 Burger is a must-order. 3853 24th St San Francisco, CA 94114 This order was placed on a Sunday. The taste is anything but scary as people rate the use of quality toppings and ingredients. For the best burger in Massachusetts, head to the family-owned and operated KKatie’s. People come back again and again for the burgers at Black Mtn. Open for takeout, curbside pick-up, plus limited outdoor and dine-in options. Customers can't get enough and say the onions and jalapeños are caramelized to perfection, patties are juicy and fresh, and portions are generous. All burgers are prepared with a bun of choice. Burger King (est. Be sure to check each restaurant's website for changes due to COVID-19 before you head there. Kuma’s Corner is a gourmet burger bar with six locations that has named all its menu items after heavy metal bands. They're juicy, cooked to perfection and patties have a great depth of seasoning and flavor. It's one of the pricier burgers on this list but it keeps people coming back. Don't miss out on trying the garlic fries either. Since first opening its doors in 1956, Wilmington’s Charcoal Pit has been a favorite burger and fries joint, and is reportedly loved by President-elect Joe Biden. Pick from classic American combos or hearty speciality burgers, all with rave reviews. After winning season one of the Food Network’s “Great Food Truck Race,” Grill ‘Em All opened its doors in 2013. The former comes with pineapple, ham, Swiss cheese, jalapeño and aioli, and the latter comes with kimchi, miso aioli, fried egg, sriracha and cucumber pickles. Find more unusual roadside diners in America here. A customer favorite is the Bistro Burger, served with American cheese, crispy bacon and pickles. It's open for dine-in and takeout. 1954) The predecessor to what is now Burger King was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida, as Insta-Burger King. The Big Woody is great but, if you love bacon, make sure to order the Pendleton – it comes with a beef patty, onion rings, Cheddar, BBQ sauce and bacon (for an extra $1). Customers say that even burgers cooked well done are still juicy and tender. Choose from Appetizers, Salads, Burgers, Side dishes or … In the Western New York restaurant Class of 2015 yearbook, Allen Burger Venture already has won “Most Likely to Have a Heavy Metal Video Break Out Right on the Bar.” ... It’s not metal and anyone (like me) who’d like to accompany their lunch with Anaal Nathrakh or Deathspell Omega is probably going to be disappointed. Don’t miss the truffle Parmesan fries, either. Best of all, fries come with delicious fry sauce. Dime Burger: bacon, Monterey Jack, dill pickles and mustard mayo. The Parmesan French fries are always a good idea too. 22 reviews of Meet burger "Came here around 6 for dinner but they were booked out (lots of reserved tables with no one there). Get the Classic burger with lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion, pickle, AL sauce and American cheese, and you won't be disappointed. Fries are hand-cut and cooked in Wagyu beef tallow. But it's the El Diablo, with habaneros, salsa and chipotle aioli, and the Magic Shroom, a beef patty, mushrooms, goats' cheese and pesto, that have people coming back for more. in minimum order value. It’s hard not to go back again and again once you’ve tasted one. For a seriously impressive burger, order for takeout or delivery from Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream. A repeat hit is the Swiss Mushroom Burger with melted Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms and caramelized onions – apparently it's the most popular item on the menu. gave us a little tip. The delicious combination of sweet and savory ingredients makes this burger … We also love the sound of their special sweet potato fries that come dusted in cinnamon chipotle spices. Most wanted Burger, Osterstraße 31, 20259, Hamburg. A heavy metal club house made for Grill Em All Ghouls to be able to smash great food, drinks and enjoy themselves seven days a week. Kuma’s Corner is a gourmet burger bar with six locations that has named all its menu items after heavy metal bands. Soft brioche bun with hand-cut fries … Particularly indulgent options include the Glazed Doughnut Burger, the Jalapeño Peanut Butter burger and the Macaroni & Cheese burger. Go Proper Style with caramelized onion, American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato and Proper sauce or try customer favorites Flyin' Hawaiian and Rising Sun. It's hard to decide which burger to choose at The Burger Dive in Billings but there's one that several customers say is the best they've ever had – the I'm Your Huckleberry. Soft brioche bun with hand-cut fries and house-made apple slaw. Their winning formula is to keep it simple with handmade patties (customers note they're "seasoned to perfection"), freshly cut fries, drinks and shakes on the menu. Currently just open for takeout, the menu at this hip restaurant changes seasonally, but the much-lauded bison burger is a staple year-round. "Legendary burger spot in Chicago that always makes any "greatest burger" list...and deservedly so. Customers describe it as big, juicy and cheesy, with plenty of green chile and loads of flavor. BK Chicken Fries are a fried chicken product sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain Burger King.At the time of their introduction in 2005, the company had intended Chicken Fries to be one of their larger, adult-oriented products made with higher-quality ingredients than their standard menu items. Burgers are freshly ground and hand-rolled each day and served on toasted white bread. Pretzel bun paid well with the beef, bacon and egg. Sorry, you can't order yet. Customers love the absolutely mammoth burger menu at Sickies Garage Burgers & Brews, which has five locations across North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. The names of the burgers follow the theme with the Dawn of the Dead (bacon, egg, American cheese, red onion and mayo) and the 28 Days Later (blue cheese, caramelized onion, red onion and mayo) on offer. The former is a beef patty stuffed with cheese and smothered in bacon jam and roasted garlic aioli. My favorite job was dumping frozen french fries into a heavy wire basket and then submerging the basket into a vat of hot oil. It's famous for its house bacon and extensive bourbon selection, and the vibe is rustic and warm. She said if want to take a great burger and just take it a little over the top, add one the following: fried egg, crispy fried onions, or bacon. It's open for indoor and outdoor dining, as well as takeout. You can dine in, on the patio or order curbside. The Steakhouse burger with fried onion straws, sautéed mushrooms, Swiss cheese, house steak sauce and garlic aioli is a real crowdpleaser. Order yours for curbside pick-up or delivery. Occasionally, there are other burger specials too. {"product":"0OQQN7R001","domid":"productformpopular0OQQN7R001","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"4,90 €","pickup":"4,90 €"}}, homemade, hand sliced and twice deep fried French fries with Bianchetti truffle, {"product":"0Q1QN7R001","domid":"productformpopular0Q1QN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,90 €","pickup":"9,90 €"}}, mit Beef, Cheesy Popcorn, Baconmarmelade, Cola-Zwiebel Confit, Eisbergsalat und Smokey Mayonnaise, {"product":"ORN5QOQ101","domid":"productformORN5QOQ101","menucat":"O517QQ0R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"5,90 €","pickup":"5,90 €"}}, {"product":"ON35QOQ101","domid":"productformON35QOQ101","menucat":"O517QQ0R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"4,90 €","pickup":"4,90 €"}}, {"product":"O535QOQ101","domid":"productformO535QOQ101","menucat":"O517QQ0R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"5,90 €","pickup":"5,90 €"}}, {"product":"OQ35QOQ101","domid":"productformOQ35QOQ101","menucat":"O517QQ0R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"5,90 €","pickup":"5,90 €"}}, {"product":"0N1QN7R001","domid":"productform0N1QN7R001","menucat":"0Q7PP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,90 €","pickup":"9,90 €"}}, with various lettuces, fresh mango and avocado, vine tomatoes, club gourd and balsamic vinegar dressing. Take a look at the best retro diner in every state here. However, it's the Dad's green chile cheeseburger that stands out – the patty is topped with Pepper Jack cheese, green chili mayo and crispy New Mexico hatch chilies. The heavy metal-themed food truck and Alhambra burger joint boasts such strange flavor combinations as peanut butter, strawberry jam, bacon and Sriracha on … Go with the theme of the restaurant's name and get the highly recommended Nanny Goat with goats' cheese and garlic-herb mayo. The waitress was nice and spoke English and Italian. Lecker, lecker!. For simple, tasty, gigantic burgers, visit Hwy 101 Burger on the Oregon Coast. They're cheap, and no one can resist a salty, crispy, deep-fried potato. A friend of mine wanted to go to our local Kuma's Corner after going to one in Chicago and all I can say is, DAMN! We ordered the Veg Jawbreaker, the Jimi's bacon cheeseburger with buff Patty, the classic mutton Jawbreaker and the chicken Hawaiian burger. Kuma's Corner, a heavy metal-themed burger joint on Chicago's North Side, this month is featuring a 10-ounce burger topped with a red wine reduction and an unconsecrated communion wafer, a … People love the amusingly named Hot Granny burger served with bacon, cream cheese, fresh jalapeños and sweet-spicy jalapeño sauce. All locations have now reopened. It's been open for more than 50 years and eating here feels like going straight back to the 1960s, with an original neon sign, red booths and monochrome tile floor. 180g Beef, irischem Cheddar, roten Zwiebelwürfeln, Gurkenrelish, Romanasalat, Strauchtomaten und Most Wanted Senf-Mayonnaise. The fries with cheese and sprinkled bacon is simply insane! It's also worth upgrading the patty in any burger to buffalo meat. It may be located in the tiny town of Miesville, but the menu at King’s Bar and Grill is usually huge (there are more than 100 options) and people rave about the food. Great place to go for a GOOD burger and laid back environment. Order online with Most wanted Burger via Lieferando.de. If you can't get enough of the heat, order a portion of chile fries too. It's open for dine in, takeout and contactless curbside pick-up. Serving classic burgers with a gourmet twist, Chomp Kitchen & Drinks has lots on the menu to catch your eye. Grease Burger Bar, now offering curbside pick-up and delivery, in West Palm Beach is unbelievably good. The products you've selected are only available for delivery if accompanied by other products. The burger joint is committed to using local ingredients, serving 100% grass-fed beef on fluffy brioche buns. There's a great range of burgers, including the tasty Chillerno with queso blanco and flame-roasted poblano peppers – and one thing people agree on is that it's worth upgrading to a juicy bison patty. There are six Rodeo Goat locations across the state and each one will wholly satisfy that burger and fries craving. It might be a no-frills joint but it gets the thumbs up from customers – the burger is described as "big, juicy, cooked to order perfectly". A nostalgic ode to Midwest lunch counters of years gone by, the simple-yet-perfect burger consists of Niman Ranch chuck, housemade mayo, and perfectly crisp fries. If you do not want to pick up, please change it here to, {"product":"01NQN7R001","domid":"productformpopular01NQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"8,50 €","pickup":"8,50 €"}}, mit ca. Being the meat eater I am, I had to have the Mastodon burger and it did not disappoint. There are regular-size burgers on the menu too – the Ortega Burger with green chili, sour cream, onions and Cheddar comes recommended. Platform of the EU-Commission for online dispute resolution: Please enter your street and house number. At retro-style diner Cool Cat Cafe there’s an extensive list of burgers to choose from, from vegetarian options to meaty extravaganzas featuring bacon, cheese, onion rings, chili and more. What an awesome burger. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, people also rate the Sugar Burger with grilled peaches, candied bacon, caramelized onion and jalapeño jam. Lecker, lecker!. Everyone raves about the fried Oreo too, so make sure you leave space for something sweet. And while it's currently only open for takeout, you'll want to come here for the food too. Abbey Burger Bistro has three locations in Maryland – two in Baltimore and one in Ocean City – so there’s almost no excuse not to try it. Many home cooks were taught never to press down on a burger as it cooks since that would ruin your all-beef patty by getting it to release the juices it needs to stay tender and moist. There are also elk burgers on offer, and the deliciously crispy sweet potato fries can be ordered waffle-style with marshmallow sauce on the side. {"product":"0Q1QN7R001","domid":"productform0Q1QN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,90 €","pickup":"9,90 €"}}, {"product":"01NQN7R001","domid":"productform01NQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"8,50 €","pickup":"8,50 €"}}, {"product":"0ONQN7R001","domid":"productform0ONQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,90 €","pickup":"9,90 €"}}, mit irischem Cheddar, Blauschimmelkäse und Mozzarella, {"product":"07NQN7R001","domid":"productform07NQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,90 €","pickup":"9,90 €"}}, mit 180g Beef, Jalapenos, krosser Sucuk, Tomaten-Koriander Salsa, Monterrey Jack Käse, Dorito Chips, Eisbergsalat und Chilli-Mayonnaise, {"product":"003QN7R001","domid":"productform003QN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"10,50 €","pickup":"10,50 €"}}, mit 180g Beef, Spiegelei, Jalapenos, krosser Sucuk, Tomaten-Koriander Salsa, Monterrey Jack Käse, Dorito Chips, Eisbergsalat und Chilli-Mayonnaise, {"product":"033QN7R001","domid":"productform033QN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,90 €","pickup":"9,90 €"}}, mit 180g Beef, in Tempura-Teig gebackene Avocado, scharfe Mangoscheiben, gehobelte Mandeln, Baby Leaf, Tomaten, Eisbergsalat und Kokos-Passion-Mayonnaise, {"product":"0P3QN7R001","domid":"productform0P3QN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"10,50 €","pickup":"10,50 €"}}, mit 180g Beef, Bacon, in Tempura-Teig gebackene Avocado, scharfe Mangoscheiben, gehobelte Mandeln, Baby Leaf, Tomaten, Eisbergsalat und Kokos-Passion-Mayonnaise, {"product":"0R3QN7R001","domid":"productform0R3QN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"8,90 €","pickup":"8,90 €"}}, mit 180g Beef, krossem Bacon, Original Brownsville Onions, dänischem Gurkensalat, Tomaten und Barbecuesauce, {"product":"0NOQN7R001","domid":"productform0NOQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,50 €","pickup":"9,50 €"}}, mit 180g Beef, Cheddar, krossem Bacon, Original Brownsville Onions, dänischem Gurkensalat, Tomaten und Barbecuesauce, {"product":"05OQN7R001","domid":"productform05OQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,50 €","pickup":"9,50 €"}}, mit 180g Beef, gebackenem Camembert, eingekochter Rote Beete, Preisselbeergelee, Zwiebelchutney, Feldsalat und Rosmarin-Mayonnaise, {"product":"0QOQN7R001","domid":"productform0QOQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"13,90 €","pickup":"13,90 €"}}, mit doppeltem Beef, irischer Cheddar, Mozzarella, krossem Bacon, Kartoffelrösti, Champignons in Rahm, Spiegelei, Eisbergsalat, Aioli und Chili-Mayonnaise, {"product":"015QN7R001","domid":"productform015QN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"8,90 €","pickup":"8,90 €"}}, mit gebackener Hühnerbrust in Cornflakes­ - Panko Panade mit roten Zwiebelringe, Tomaten, Rucola und Orangen-Senf-Estragon-Mayonnaise, {"product":"0O5QN7R001","domid":"productform0O5QN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,50 €","pickup":"9,50 €"}}, mit gegrillter Hühnerbrust, gehobeltem Parmesan, krossem Bacon, Caesar-Dressing, Tomaten, Eisbergsalat und Mayonnaise, {"product":"075QN7R001","domid":"productform075QN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,50 €","pickup":"9,50 €"}}, mit kross gegrillter Barberie Entenbrust, asiatischem Sesam-Cole Slaw, frischem Thai-Basilikum, Baby Leaf und Wasabi-Mayonnaise im Ramen-Nudel Bun, {"product":"00PQN7R001","domid":"productform00PQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"8,90 €","pickup":"8,90 €"}}, mit in Bierteig gebackenem Seelachsfilet, roten Zwiebelringen, Schlangengurken, Tomaten, Eisbergsalat und hausgemachter Remoulade, {"product":"03PQN7R001","domid":"productform03PQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,50 €","pickup":"9,50 €"}}, mit Polenta-Oliven Patty, gegrilltem Antipasti-Gemüse in Tomatensauce (Paprika, Aubergine, Zucchini, Spargel), Rucola und Salsa Verde, {"product":"0PPQN7R001","domid":"productform0PPQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"8,90 €","pickup":"8,90 €"}}, mit persischem Auberginen-Ei Patty, roten Zwiebelringen, Reiscracker, Granatapfelkerne, Tomaten, Eisbergsalat und Rosmarin-Mayonnaise, {"product":"0RPQN7R001","domid":"productform0RPQN7R001","menucat":"01QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"9,50 €","pickup":"9,50 €"}}, mit schwarzem Bohnen-Pilz-Walnuss Patty, Tomaten-Koriander Salsa, Onion Rings, Feldsalat, Tomaten und veganer Mayonnaise, {"product":"0N7QN7R001","domid":"productform0N7QN7R001","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"3,90 €","pickup":"3,90 €"}}, with fried potatoes, diced onions, romaine hearts, tomatoes and mustard mayonnaise, {"product":"057QN7R001","domid":"productform057QN7R001","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"4,00 €","pickup":"4,00 €"}}, homemade, hand sliced and twice deep fried French fries, {"product":"0Q7QN7R001","domid":"productform0Q7QN7R001","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"4,20 €","pickup":"4,20 €"}}, {"product":"01QQN7R001","domid":"productform01QQN7R001","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"5,90 €","pickup":"5,90 €"}}, homemade, hand sliced and twice deep fried French fries with cheese sauce, Tex Mex chili and jalapenos, {"product":"0OQQN7R001","domid":"productform0OQQN7R001","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"4,90 €","pickup":"4,90 €"}}, {"product":"07QQN7R001","domid":"productform07QQN7R001","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"4,00 €","pickup":"4,00 €"}}, {"product":"OR1PQOQ101","domid":"productformOR1PQOQ101","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"6,90 €","pickup":"6,90 €"}}, {"product":"ONNPQOQ101","domid":"productformONNPQOQ101","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"7,90 €","pickup":"7,90 €"}}, {"product":"O5NPQOQ101","domid":"productformO5NPQOQ101","menucat":"0OQPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"7,90 €","pickup":"7,90 €"}}, {"product":"00RQN7R001","domid":"productform00RQN7R001","menucat":"07QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"1,00 €","pickup":"1,00 €"}}, {"product":"03RQN7R001","domid":"productform03RQN7R001","menucat":"07QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"1,00 €","pickup":"1,00 €"}}, {"product":"0PRQN7R001","domid":"productform0PRQN7R001","menucat":"07QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"1,00 €","pickup":"1,00 €"}}, {"product":"0RRQN7R001","domid":"productform0RRQN7R001","menucat":"07QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"1,00 €","pickup":"1,00 €"}}, {"product":"0N0RN7R001","domid":"productform0N0RN7R001","menucat":"07QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"1,00 €","pickup":"1,00 €"}}, {"product":"050RN7R001","domid":"productform050RN7R001","menucat":"07QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"1,00 €","pickup":"1,00 €"}}, {"product":"0Q0RN7R001","domid":"productform0Q0RN7R001","menucat":"07QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"1,00 €","pickup":"1,00 €"}}, {"product":"011RN7R001","domid":"productform011RN7R001","menucat":"07QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"1,00 €","pickup":"1,00 €"}}, {"product":"0O1RN7R001","domid":"productform0O1RN7R001","menucat":"07QPP00R","rest":"O11PNOP","minimumorderamount":0,"prices":{"takeaway":"1,90 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Gosch Speisekarte Düsseldorf, Wanderung Vom Watzmannhaus Zum Hocheck Bergwelten, Bodenmais Wandern Mit Kindern, Leistungsnachweis Fernuni Hagen Psychologie, Eißler Steinbachhof Hochzeit Erfahrungen, Master Wirtschaft Berlin,