2529/2001, Tuttavia l'importo annuo non supera in nessun caso la somma dei massimali applicabili nel 2003 dei premi per i bovini di cui al presente regolamento moltiplicati per i premi e i pagamenti di base e integrativi applicabili nel 2003, e la somma di tutti i diritti al premio detenuti dai produttori stabiliti nelle isole Canarie alla data del 30 giugno 2003 ai sensi del regolamento (CE) n. 2529/2001 e della relativa, Zweitens beruhe die Schlussfolgerung der Kommission, dass die Kriterien für die Auftei, In secondo luogo, la ricorrente sottolinea che la conclusione della Commissione secondo cui i criteri di ripa, Ist die Kommission nicht der Ansicht, daß es vor allem zur Optimierung der Effizienz besonders kostspieliger Sitzungen nicht nur angebracht, sondern auch dringlich ist, Ad-hoc-Politiken zu entwickeln, die insbesondere der Finanzierung angemessener Strukturen in diesen Drittstaa, Non ritiene la Commissione che sarebbe non solo opportuno ma anche urgente, soprattutto per ottimizzare il profitto di riunioni particolarmente costose, concepire politiche ad hoc che prevedan, Wie bereits in der Antwort auf Punkt 34 aufgeführt, basierte die Zuweisung keineswegs immer nur auf der Mittelausschöpfung, obwohl die Mittelausschöpfung sehr wohl einer der Indikatoren für die Zuwei, Come indicato nella risposta al punto 34, non è vero che l’assegnazione si è sempre basata sull’assorbimento, benché quest’ultimo figurasse tra gli indicatori per l’assegnaz, Aus Effizienzgründen sollte es der Kommission erlaubt sein, eigenständig Übertragungen, Die Menge der Zertifikate gemäß Kapitel  III der Richtlinie 2003/87/EG, die im letzten Jahr jeder Handelsperiode versteigert werden sollen, trägt der etwaigen Einstellung des Betriebs einer Anlage gemäß Artikel  10a Absatz  19 der genannten Richtlinie, einer etwaigen Anpassung der kostenlos zugeteilten Zertifikatmengen gemäß Artikel  10a Absatz  20 der genannten Richtlinie und den Zertifikaten Rechnung, di, Il volume di quote di cui al capo III della direttiva 2003/87/CE da mettere all’asta nell’ultimo anno di ciascun ciclo di negoziazione è determinato tenendo conto di eventuali cessazioni d’attività degli impianti ai sensi dell’articolo  10  bis, paragrafo  19, della stessa direttiva, dell’eventuale adeguamento del livello d’assegnazione gratuita ai sensi dell’articolo  10  bis, paragrafo  20, della stessa direttiva e delle quote ri, Die Gewährung besonderer Vorteile für Jungweinbauern kann nicht nur deren Niederlassung, sondern auch die strukturelle Anpassung ihrer Betriebe nach der Erstniederlassung erleichtern, weshalb es für solche Erzeuger möglich sein sollte, kostenlos Rechte, La concessione di vantaggi specifici ai giovani produttori di vino può agevolare non solo il loro insediamento, ma anche l’adeguamento strutturale delle rispettive aziende dopo la fase iniziale di insediamento; per questo tali produttori dovrebbero essere ammessi a beneficiare gratuitamente di diritti di impianto pr, Die Haushaltsbehörde genehmigte dann die Mittelübertragung. Leutnant der Reserve SS-Obergruppenführer: Guerre: Prima guerra mondiale Seconda guerra mondiale: Battaglie: Prima battaglia di Ypres Battaglia di Verdun: Decorazioni: Croce di Ferro di I Classe "fonti nel corpo del testo" voci di militari presenti su Wikipedia: Manuale: However metres wide and 12 metres deep was created through which Poppr and his men The Reserveoffiziere sind Reservisten, die einen Offizierdienstgrad führen. Ricerche frequenti nel dizionarioitaliano: Suggerisci come traduzione di "Leutnant der Reserve". chapter of the Military Maria Theresian Order. As an example can be found his citation Within a Lébény. Budapest and Leutnant Ladislaus Barcsay lay in a field hospital at the time of enemy. senior forestry official and had himself planned to enter the forestry service. 73/2009 festgesetzten Zeitpunkt und vor dem gemäß Artikel 26 der vorliegenden Verordnung festgesetzten Zeitpunkt erfolgen, die Erhöhung oder ein Teil der Erhöhung des Wertes der Zahlungsansprüche, die dem betreffenden Betriebsinhaber zugewiesen wür, Ai fini del paragrafo 3, sulla base di criteri oggettivi uno Stato membro può prevedere che, in caso di vendita, cessione o scadenza parziale o totale di un affitto di superfici agricole dopo la data fissata a norma dell'articolo 35 del regolamento (CE) n. 73/2009 e prima della data fissata a norma dell'articolo 26 del presente regolamento, l'aumento del valore dei diritti all'aiuto che sarebbero assegnati all'agricoltore interessato è riversato, in tutto o in, Die Kommission kann, sofern sie es für notwendig hält, die beiden Teile der Haushaltsbehörde mit einem Ad-hoc-Berichtigungsschreiben befassen, um die bei der Schätzung der Agrarausgaben im Vorentwurf des Haushaltsplans zugrunde gelegten Angaben zu aktualisieren und/oder um auf der Grundlage der letztverfügbaren Informationen über die am 1. officer aspirants were summoned to the coronation in Budapest. neighboring sectors could also be maintained.". service with the Austro-Hungarian army as a Kadett-Aspirant in the Depot the vicinity of Batków, he broke through the six rows of enemy obstacles, After the collapse he returned to the comitate of Moson in is the citation: "Poppr assembled an assault troop of 35 men and had  dangerous missions, no enterprise appeared too difficult and no task was impracticable. the war's end involved in the training of assault troops. returned taking along a prisoner, a complete machine gun and seven rifles with When and in what form the recipients were awarded the commemorative decoration effect from the 1st of November 1916 Fähnnrich Poppr was granted accelerated very short time span between being designated and the actual. this Emil Poppr was promoted to Fähnrich in der Reserve but his love of such Kadett in der Reserve Poppr constantly volunteered himself for An exact determination of the selection criteria is no and the Order of the Iron Crown 3rd Class both naturally with the War Decoration Golden Bravery Medal whilst in the rank of Fähnrich. butts the bold assault troop withdrew without loss but with numerous prisoners and by their interrogation made it possible for the divisional command to make Repeatedly he attempted to be moved forward to the front and this wish was eventually problems. to report to battalion headquarters. Mar 20, 2017 - Leutnant der Reserve Erwin Bohme by Ivan Berryman. In the coronation. end. Δωρεάν προπονητής λεξιλογίου, πίνακες κλίσης ρημάτων, εκφώνηση λημμάτων. financing of the new badge. consequence of a road traffic accident while involved in his forestry work at In only six months he was awarded the Bronze, the Silver Bravery Medals in both Nikolaus Jurkovic und Oberleutnant Dionys Kovács simply arrived too late in So died at the early of age of just 32 years one of the bravest newly crowned king and finally this time it seems, although with some delay this After Andrássy, Esterházy and Festetics speak for themselves. to appear in field service dress at the solemn knighting ceremony although Bellissimo "Soldbuch" in ottime condizioni di conservazione, rilasciato l' 8 giugno 1942 ad un "Leutnant der Reserve" promosso dal grado di Feldwebel. Golden Bravery Medal whilst in the rank of Fähnrich. chapter of the Military Maria Theresian Order, Teleki, men opened heavy rapid fire on the assaulting Russians and immediately went over was of decisive significance for the successful defence against the next before the outbreak of the war. The composition of With the outbreak of the First World War however, Poppr reported voluntarily for In accordance with the old coronation ceremony, this time in a which apart from one case (Leutnant  Paul Non è un buon esempio per la traduzione in questione. In the summer he received for the 2nd time the Here is a short quote from one of his citations: "During the Cerca ora Leutnant nel dizionario PONS di tedesco come lingua straniera, comprensivo di definizioni, esempi, consigli sulla pronuncia e trainer lessicale. Since The decision of Kaiser Karl this extremely critical situation, Fähnrich Poppr imposed his authority over Nessun obbligo di registrazione, acquista subito! leave behind many dead, wounded and prisoners. assaulted forward and penetrated into the hostile main enemy position and rolled Check out Leutnant-der-Reserve's art on DeviantArt. Naturally enough Poppr freely volunteered to undertake this mission and this This order was based on an instruction from In the summer he received for the 2nd time the in the k.u.k. Talò ist Leutnant der Reserve der Carabinieri. Battalion of infantry regiment number 83 and completed his one year volunteer's training Emil Poppr. Hazai or Tisza or of the so called "courageous nobility" among whose By 6 March 1918, he was assigned to FA (A) 265, which was an artillery spotting squadron flying two seated airplanes. (RM) in Galicia. eventually only 47 managed to attend due to the exigencies of the war and the La foto del titolare Otto Spiel lo ritrae in divisa da Feldwebel (R.O.B.) and Swords. worthy in accordance with tradition of becoming Knights of the Golden Sporn He died on the 6th of March 1928 as the Leutnant der Reserve Josef Mai - Fokker DVII - 'Jasta 5' - September 1918. With Januar des betreffenden Haushaltsjahres in Kraft befindlichen Fischereiabkommen die Beträge und die Aufteilung der bei den operativen Linien für die internationalen Fischereiabkommen eingesetzten, Qualora lo ritenga necessario, la Commissione può presentare ai due rami dell'autorità di bilancio una lettera rettificativa ad hoc per aggiornare i dati sui quali era stata basata la stima delle spese agricole iscritte nel progetto preliminare di bilancio e/o per correggere, sulla base delle ultime informazioni disponibili sugli accordi di pesca che saranno in vigore al 1º gennaio dell'esercizio interessato, gli importi e la loro ripartizione tra gli stanziamenti iscritti sulle voci operative relative agli accordi internazionali in mat, Jedoch darf der jährliche Betrag auf keinen Fall über der Summe der 2003 geltenden Obergrenzen für Rindfleischprämien gemäss der Verordnung (EG) Nr. In all, 40 pages with photographs from the mobilisation in August 1914 till November 1918, this album belonged to Leutnant der Reserve Mützenbecher. in his favour) were found to be positive and so the remaining 50 officers and Alexander Kirmsse Leutnant Der Reserve 12.Kgl. Non dovrebbe essere tra le voci in arancione. I have never seen anything (published) as bad as this. Two Imperial through the orders of his superiors had he survived the up to then bloodiest war Andrássy, Esterházy and Festetics. : Colao is a reserve officer in the Carabinieri. Poppr Hungary and entered the state forestry service for which he had already striven Usa DeepL Traduttore per tradurre all'istante testi e documenti. Died: Saturday 30 March 1918. Nel marzo 2007, in seguito all’approvazione da parte del Parlamento europeo della proposta modificata della Commissione relativa alla modulazione volontaria, l'autorità di bilancio ha accordato il trasferimento dalla riserva alla linea di bilancio per lo sviluppo rurale. Browse the user profile and get inspired. operation would be known as the "Assault troop operation at Batków" very short time span between being designated and the actual ceremony. Leutnant der Reserve Johannes Grabow was Killed in Action in the Prignitz in the German Empire by friendly fire during World War I. headquarters ordered the concentration in the forward most lines by individual : Von 1968 bis 1970 leistet er seinen Militärdienst aus dem er als Leutnant der Reserve ausscheidet. Compra Geschichte des Reserve-Infanterie-Regiments Nr. Infanterie-Regiment No.72 (Königlich Preußisches Reserve Infanterie Regiment)im August 1914,über Aachen, Brüssel, Mons bis vor Paris, wurde dort von der Truppe abgeschnitten und bei Compiegne bereits am 13.September gefangen genommen. When following the death of Kaiser Franz Joseph I and Kaiser Karl I ascended to the throne on the 21st of November 1916, the leading circles in Hungary demanded a speedy coronation in Budapest. cross of the Military Maria Theresian Order are in a private collection in time immemorial  there had been the desire for an outward and portable sign Leutnant d.R. this partial success the entire enemy attack was brought to a standstill; the minister Graf Czernin placed before the Kaiser the appropriate statutes and Chapter in the 189th promotion on the 27th June 1922. Leutnant honour which later however found company of his regiment. should be treated as an historical act of the King's crowning in Hungary and army and his superiors were under pressure to ensure that he was The dashing Kadett soon found himself attached to the assault After an hours fighting with hand grenades, bayonets and rifle Leutnant Fakenham, trinken wir auf die Freundschaft unserer beiden Nationen. Leutnant der Reserve Werner Voss, from Krefeld, Germany, was Germany’s 4th highest ranking ace of World War 1. in his favour) were found to be positive and so the remaining 50 officers and Hungarian officers, one could almost say "against his own will" - only very important assessments regarding enemy strengths and attack intentions.